Fabolous Speaks On Performance Being Cut Short

Fabolous Fires Back…

Local newspapers and media sites focused solely on the headlining act who came up short Saturday night at the Spring Break Hip Hop Concert at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA. That artist who is Brooklyn hip hop superstar Fabolous, performed for a total of about 20 minutes that night, his performance was set to be longer and full of all his latest and greatest hits. As his DJ scrambled to fit as many snippets in as he could, around 11:20 Fabolous was cut short but not without thanking Allentown for the love and vibes he received. Many concert goers didn’t seem to mind that the superstar didn’t perform a full set but rumors and lies started to spread by media sources such as The Morning Call, WFMZ, Lehigh Valley Live, and more. They even stooped as low as to blame the artist for any violence that may have occurred during or after the event. Tune2This will never stoop that low and will focus solely on bringing the best and solid content possible. Attached below is a post from @myfabolouslife on his Instagram clearing the air of what exactly went down.

Fabolous speaks on time restraints as the event was running behind and the venue having expensive overtime hours. Can’t be mad after hearing the truth from the man himself. If you attended the concert Saturday night, were you disappointed or did you have a great time like everyone else? Tune2This would love to hear from you.

Heard theres a rumor that I came to Allentown, PA. & purposely performed a short show… Which is far from true so let me shed some light on what happen.. Me & my team we’re told the show was running at least 30 mins behind & the hard curfew was 11:20pm. As the Headliner of the Show i had to wait to perform last after all other acts finished. They came & got me from my dressing room at 10:55pm & i was on stage by 11pm. But originally was slated to perform at 10pm. So that kinda shows how far behind they were.. but no problem, I was still prepared to do a FULL SHOW because sometimes PROMOTERS/VENUE will still let you rock & do your FULL SHOW. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of those times. We started the show as planned, doing my songs but by 10 mins into our set they were telling my team & DJ we had 10 mins left on stage. As we were just gettin into the set & only performed maybe 3 songs we knew we couldn’t cram as many songs as we wanted to perform in a 10 minute window. My DJ felt the pressure of people telling him we gotta wrap up soon & he started doing snippets of the songs just so we could try to touch as many songs as possible. Even skipping a lot of songs so he could hit Key records in the set. The crowd vibed along & sang along but personally i was disappointed we couldn’t give the show i wanted to give. At 11:20 i was cued to wrap the show & we couldn’t do anymore songs. I saluted PA. for the love they showed me & headed back to the dressing room. Took pics with some kids & the promoters who kept it professional, thanked me for a good show & not going over the time because the venue had a strict curfew & expensive overtime rates. Overall i would’ve loved to perform as long as i could, so to hear there’s blogs, or people spreading that i came to Allentown to underhand the city wit a short show is ridiculous. I apologize to fans who may feel shortened & say thank you to those who came out to support. I appreciate the love, nevermind the hate anyway so i can’t wait to come back & do it right!! & to the sources of information try feeding wit the truth not poisoning wit assumption! [shot by @wholiokamacho] #SpringBreakTakeoverHipHopConcert #AllentownPA

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  1. I attended this event. All though it was cut short it still was the best performance of the night. No one was mad when he said he was being told he had to stop and thanked the crowd. It was not his fault at all and the media is horrible for making putting it on him. I’m happy he stood up for himself. I hope he comes back to the area I would love to see a full show.

    1. We hope he’ll be back as well, I do agree Fabolous does put on a great show. It’s sad how the media tried to do him and blame the violence on him as well.

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