Meet The Team

David Hein Jr
Founder David "WBD" Hein started in 2013. WBD is a former Music Artist, Recording Engineer, And Songwriter. He has since moved on to bigger and better opportunities. Utilizing all his connections and his love for the Music and Entertainment world, David created an outlet for Upcoming Artists, And Established Recording Artists in the industry. He has covered events for big name artists such as Fabolous, The Game, Young M.A., Naughty By Nature and more.
Sticky Money
Sticky Money is a Allentown Native born and raised. Along with 3 other brothers formed LDB in 2008 and WE L!iVE TV on 2010. LDB (Last of a Dying Breed" is the rap based family while WE L!iVE TV is more of the visual side handling videos not only for LDB but a big part of Allentown. From songs, to battles, music videos to interviews Sticky Money seems to want to tackle any obstacle in his path.